Common Issues That Require Repair Mag Wheels Professional Services

One of the most common problems that Australian motorists encounter is bent wheels. Automotive shops in Sydney report an increase in the demand for mag wheel repairs during late winter and early summer months due to changes on the road. 

There are reports that alloys wheels are more likely to suffer from bending than steel wheels. Consequently, there are also claims that heavier steel rims made from a combination of aluminum and other metals bend easily than the more modern alloy wheels. But what the general public should know is that all wheels, be it alloy or steel, can bend if they hit a curb or pothole. 

Alloy Wheel Issues that Necessitate Repair

The aesthetic appeal, excellent performance, and lightweight quality of alloy wheels have made them the standard rims for more modern vehicle types. The lightweight construction of alloy wheels contributes to better handling.

Alloy wheels seem to have all the positive qualities that mag rims should have, but the lightweight construction is also identified as a cause to a greater damage if they hit potholes and bumps on the road. As alloy wheels typically come with low profile tires, they are at higher risk of developing cracks and bents during impact or collision. 

Lastly, the low-profile tires associated with alloy wheels also translate to a higher risk of damage to car suspension as well as premature wear and tear of tires due to steering alignment issues. 

Alloy wheels also suffer from corrosion as a result of frequent or prolonged exposure to elements such as moisture, excessive cleaning, and road salts. Alloy wheels, although sturdy, can develop discolouration problems when not cared for properly over time. 

Steel Wheel Issues that Necessitate Repair

The heavy characteristic of steel wheels means that they are to be paired with higher-profile tires. Higher-profile tires provide better cushion and less permanent damage during accidents on the road. 

Steel wheels can suffer from corrosion, too. The accumulation of dirt, dust, and moisture can result in rust which can spread to the axle hubs, wheel studs, and other parts of the driveline, too.

Whether you have alloy or steel wheels that need repair, it’s best to turn to the pros. If you want to schedule a checkup for your mag wheels, simply call us on 0421 136 101.