Repair Mag Wheels – How to Fix Damaged Mag Wheels Due to Corrosion

Alloy wheels are made from either the aluminum or magnesium variety; both of which are considered lighter than traditional steel wheels. Vehicles now come with the standard alloy mag wheels as they feature the reliable strength of steel but with added light features unique to aluminum and magnesium alloys. In addition, alloy wheels present a better look to the overall aesthetics of vehicles. 

Although durable and reliable than tradition wheels, mag wheels also suffer from damage. One common problem that vehicle owners encounter is corrosion. To ensure longevity of your mag wheels, mag wheels repair and maintenance is a must. 

Here are some common wheel and rim repair measures that you can get from professional mag wheel repairs Sydney:

Protect Mag Wheels from Chemical Damage

Contact of mag wheels to harsh chemicals such as acids increases their susceptibility to moisture which may then lead to corrosion. Although it is uncommon for mag wheels to come in contact with acids during driving, improper maintenance or improper parking may result in acid damage. 

One measure that can protect your mag wheels from acid damage and possible corrosion is by using mag wheel cleanser that do not contain acid. At a professional mag wheels repair centre, rest assured that your mag wheels are kept clean with the use of gentle shampoo and cleaners that efficiently remove dirty and other particulates from the rims. 

It is also worth remembering that road salts contain chemicals that can damage the surface of the rims leading to corrosion. It is therefore important to bring your car to a mag wheels repair centre for maintenance and cleaning during winter months. 

Mag Wheels Dust Removal

The accumulation of break dust on and around the rims of your car may result in damage and corrosion. When not removed regularly, dirt and moisture may accumulate over time and lead to pitting issues. 

Bringing your car to a rim repair centre for cleaning can eliminate this problem altogether. A mag wheels specialist uses special cleaners that will effectively remove serious pitting and other particles, hence saving you from permanent damage and expensive mag wheels replacement altogether. 

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