Four Signs Your Car Needs Alloy Repair Work

Four Signs Your Car Needs Alloy Repair Work article image by Platinum Wheel Repairs

Apart from the usual alignment issues and flat tyres, a bent alloy rim is a prevalent issue that most vehicles suffer from. Many drivers assume that bent rims are a minor problem that does not prompt repair. But the truth is, bent rims have a big impact on the overall function of your car. 

If you are unsure about the condition of your alloy rims, it is recommended to schedule an appointment with a reputable alloy wheel repair shop in Sydney. Here are signs that you need a professional auto body technician or mag repairs specialist to assess and diagnose your rims.

  • Check for visible and invisible damage

It’s easy to spot a bent rim especially if your mags are made from aluminium. But there are also cases where you can bend the interior portion of your mag rims. These unnoticeable damages are hard to detect through mere visual inspection. In this instance, you will be informed right away so they can perform the necessary repairs to your rims. 

  • Presence of vibrations

When the front tyre gets damaged, you will feel the vibration when handling the steering wheel. Bent tyres often manifest themselves in the form of a shaky or vibrating vehicle. Although there may be other factors that may be causing your vehicle to shake, you will need to go to your alloy wheel repair shop to accurately identify the problem and have it fixed right away. 

  • Loss of tire PSI

If your tyre pressure monitoring system starts going off regularly after hitting a deep pothole, you may have damaged not only the alloy rims but also the tyre wall. In some cases, the PSI loss is slow which may prompt you to pump air once or twice a month. If there is extensive damage on the rim, you may wake up only to see a flat tyre on your driveway. 

  • Poor braking

Damage caused by hitting a pothole may not directly affect your brake rotors, but this damage will influence that way your vehicle stops. A bent alloy rim can result in your car pulling to the side when making a full stop. This symptom is apparent when you make sudden stops such as avoiding fender-benders or braking at a yellow light. 

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