The 4 Most Common Signs of Bent Rims that Require Fast and Efficient Alloy Rim Repairs

While driving to work, you’ve unfortunately hit it a notorious pothole in Sydney. Your first reaction may be to ignore the incident and proceed with your journey. You may have a sturdy car that can withstand a few bumps on the road, so you dismiss it altogether. The you pull into your parking space and exit your car only to find your rim with a major dent. What do you do?

Apart from wheel alignment issues and flat tyres, a bent alloy rim is a prevalent issue that haunts many motorists in Sydney. A common misconception among drivers is that a bent rim is only a minor issue that does not need emergency repair. The fact of the matter is that bent rims negatively impact the functionality of your vehicle. 

Here are the three danger signs that necessitate prompt alloy rim repair from a mag wheels repair specialist

Check visible damages 

A mag wheels repair expert will assess your rims to check for visible and invisible damages. If your car is outfitted with aluminium rims, it is easier to spot bents and other damages. There are also cases when the bent is on the inside of the tyre rim. During a routine maintenance and wheel alignment, these invisible damages are most commonly identified. 

Presence of vibrations

Damage to the front tyre rims are noticeable via your steering wheel. Bent or damage of alloy rims on the rear side of your car often results in shakiness and vibrating seats. The presence of vibration when driving your car may due to other causes, but if it is due to a bent or damaged rim, it is of utmost importance to have your alloy rim repaired immediately

Loss of Tyre PSI

If you hit a pothole and your tyre pressure monitoring system goes off unexpectedly, this is a classic sign of bent or damaged alloy rims. The loss of PSI may be slow and gradual which then necessitates you to pump air once or twice a month. In the case of extensive damage to mag wheels, your tyres will fall completely flat after a few hours. 

Driving on a flat tyre experience

A bent or damaged rim will result in poor handling. Damaged rims often shar the same signs of flat tyres such as non-stop vibration, presence of thumping sounds while driving, poor fuel efficiency, car pulling to the side with the bent rim/s.

When left ignored, bent rims will ultimately lead to a flat tyre or complete blowout when driving at high speeds. 

If you experience any of these dangerous signs, we highly recommend for you to drive your car to a mag wheel specialty shop. To book an appointment with us, call our direct line on 0421 136 101 today.