Do you take the wheel off my car?

Using our Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair technology we are able to conduct all gutter rash and cosmetic damage repairs on the car.

Do you repair machine faced alloys?

Yes, our highly trained technician is able to fix machine faced alloy wheels. Please refer the the Machine Faced Alloys page for more information on what type of finish you can expect.

How long before I can drive my car?

You are able to drive your car as soon as the repair is finished as long as it is not raining.

How long will the repair take?

Most alloy wheel repairs take between 45 minutes to and hour per wheel depending on the damage. If your wheel is very badly damaged it could take 2 hours.

Will you get overspray on my car?

A low volume, precise airbrush is used to conduct your repair so that no over spray will be left on your car.

How much does it cost?

Mag wheel repairs start at $99 +GST. For a fast and easy quote send a photo of your damaged rims to 0421136101 or visit our pricing page for more details.

Will my mag wheel look glossy still?

Yes, after your wheel is colour matched and painted a high quality clear coat will be applied to give it a factory finish. If you have a matt finish on your alloy wheel this will be replicated with a matt clear coat.

Do you repair bent or dented rims?

We do not offer this service currently as we a mobile only service and this type of repair requires a workshop.

Do you need access to electricity or water?

No, we are a fully self sufficient service.

Will the repair be damaged when I get the tyres changed?

Your repair will be fine when you get the tyre changed as long as the person changing the tyre is using standard methods to do so. Any wheel can be damaged by a tyre technician and this is at the fault of the person changing the tyre.

Will I need to get the wheels rebalanced?

The amount of alloy taken out of the wheel during the repair process in minimal so the wheel will not have to be rebalanced.

Do you fill the damage?

We do not fill any damage as it lessens the longevity of the repair as the filler can be chipped or knocked out. Instead we sand back the damage maintaining the shape of the wheel.

Are my mag wheels painted?

Unless you have a machine faced wheel or polished wheel your Alloy Wheels will have a painted finish.