Replacing the alloy wheels on your car after you have damaged them can be very costly. For a replacement genuine wheel the price can range from $600 right up to $3,000 per wheel. Thats around $12,000 to replace all 4 wheels and if you are like most people you will have more than one rim that is damaged. Getting your alloy wheels repaired in a workshop can also be costly, but more importantly, time consuming and inconvenient. With most repairs taking up to 4 days and costing around $300 per wheel. At Platinum Wheel Repairs our mobile alloy wheel repair technology could save you time and thousands of dollars, with prices starting from as little as $99 +GST per wheel and repairs taking as little as 45 minutes, getting your mag wheels looking like new again is well within reach.

Each wheel is individually priced depending on the amount of damage to the wheel and the complexity of the wheel. Pricing ranges from $99 +GST per wheel for a simple wheel with minor damage in one area all the way through to $199 +GST per wheel for a complex wheel with severe damage around the whole lip of the wheel and spokes.

Whether you are looking to sell your car or just want that new car look again, we can help. To get a fast and easy quote for your mag wheel repair send a photo of your damaged rims to 0421 136 101 or fill out the contact form.