At Platinum Wheel Repairs we specialise in the onsite repair of gutter rash, curb damage and other cosmetic damage on painted, machined, polished and shadow chrome alloy wheels for all makes and models in the Sydney area. Why spend thousands of dollars on replacing your damaged alloy wheels or taking them to a workshop to be fixed when it can be done at the convenience of your home or while you are at work. We conduct the repairs of your rims using specialised process and the highest quality paint products to give you a long lasting and quality finish.

We do not conduct full refurbishments or colour changes onsite as these need to be done in a spray booth to ensure a quality finish. If you wish to have your Alloy Wheels fully refurbished or have a colour change the wheels will need to be taken off the car. If your Alloy Wheel is bent or cracked it will also need to be repaired off the car.

View our repair process here.