Make your Wheels Look Like New Again with Rim Repair Services in Sydney

Whether you’ve miscalculated the open space to parallel park or accidentally crashed against a curb so as to prevent any more accidents on the road, your alloy rim may have potentially suffered damage.

After a thorough visual inspection, your next question is, “What can I do to fix this damaged wheel all by myself?” Experts will highly discourage you from performing DIY wheel rim repair at home. Unless you have ample knowledge about repairing mag wheels or if you are a car mechanic, it’s best to leave alloy wheel repair to a reputable mag wheels repair shop instead.

The Most Common Types of Wheel Rim Damage

The type and extent of wheel rim repair service greatly depends on the extent of damage incurred by the alloy rims of your vehicle. Here are the most common types of damage and the appropriate rim repair services offered in Sydney:

  • If your wheels suffer from superficial scratches or scrapes, it will need a simple cosmetic wheel repair. A mag wheel specialist will employ their own cosmetic refinishing technique to restore them to an almost-brand new condition. A seasoned mag wheel technician can fix your wheels fast and without the need to remove the wheels from your vehicle altogether.
  • Severe damages on the alloy rims will require a more intensive repair process from a mag wheels specialist. Replacing your wheel with aftermarket or OEM rims will cost you thousands of dollars, but if you choose to have your car repaired by a reputable auto repair shop, you can slash the cost to a few hundred dollars only. With the use of cutting edge technology and tools, your damaged wheels will be in good condition in no time.
  • There are certain repair techniques employed when fixing bent or out-of-shape wheels. Although they may not look damaged on the outside, driving your vehicle with out-of-shape wheels results in serious damage to not only the wheels but to the vehicle’s steering and suspension systems, too! When you entrust your car to a shop that specialises in alloy rim repair, rest assured that they will apply innovative straightening techniques that have been tried and tested to bring back bent wheels to their original shape and condition.

Given that there are many mag wheels repair alternatives available, we highly recommend you give us a call so that we can help you assess the problems accurately. Feel free to call us on  0421 136 101 to request a quote. You may also click here to view our other services.