3 Tips On How To Get The Best Wheel Repair For Damaged Alloy Wheels And Mag Rims

3 Tips On How To Get The Best Wheel Repair For Damaged Alloy Wheels And Mag Rims article image by Platinum Wheel RepairsA majority of cars sold in Australia come with a standard set of alloy wheels. Mag wheels made from alloy give an elegant, aesthetic appeal to the car. Unlike conventional rims made from stainless steel, alloy wheels can be repaired quite easily due to their high aluminum content. On the other hand, alloy wheels with high nickel content are harder to repair, hence the need for dependable mag wheel repair services from the best mobile wheel repair shop in your area.

  • In the case of a curb rash

One unsightly accident that most car owners commonly encounter is curb rash. This happens when we hurriedly park our cars or miscalculate a turn. In the case of a curb rash, the mag wheels accidentally grind against rough objects and jagged surfaces. This alloy wheel damage can be easily fixed by a reputable shop that specialises in mag wheel repairs.

  • Not all mag wheels damage require replacement

Alloy wheels are highly amenable to straightening. Unless the rims are cracked and fractured, you don’t need to replace those expensive rims at all. Unscrupulous repair shops will misdiagnose a bent rim as irreparable. Do not trust these shops and instead look elsewhere. Remember that mag wheel replacement is only necessary if proper X-ray diagnosis clearly reflects major cracks and fracture on the rims.

  • Skip the expensive diagnostics in case of minor scratches and curb rash

Mag wheel repair specialists are usually equipped with machines, tools, and equipment that allow repairmen to diagnose the specific damage to mag rims whether they are made from stainless steel or alloy. Alloy wheel repair cost is more affordable when diagnostics are skipped. If you own cars with alloy wheels, the damages can be easily diagnosed through visual inspection.

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